Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Dress Smells Like Beer...


Dress: State of Georgia
Necklace: Gift, from Bondi Markets
Shoes: Mollini Wedges

I ummed and ahhed about posting this set of pics. I didn’t love how they turned out and I worry that they don’t reflect how amazing this dress is! Also I feel as though I may have underaccessorised, although that was partially deliberate so that the attention remained on the dress (not that it would be easy to divert!).

I realise I don’t smile much in my photos. I swear I’m not a grumpy, misery-guts with zero personality, I’m usually just concentrating so hard on capturing the outfit and also trying to remember not to blink. I swear I’m an absolute expert at blinking at the exact time that the self-timer goes off. Especially if I set the timer to take a bunch of shots in one go, I find myself blinking in time with the camera. SO ANNOYING! Plus, I’m not much of a “smile on cue” type person. I have a bunch of photos that I might post sometime where you will see me smiling, usually it’s because my dogs have accidently walked into the shots with toy in mouth wanting to play or curious about what the crazy flashing is all about.

So I decided to post this outfit despite all of this. Mostly because the dress is amazing (check out the amazing back!!) but also to prove that my life is not all about uni and work, engineering students can have fun too! I went to a party hosted by some Medicine student friend. The party was organised as a beer pong tournament with the proceeds going towards the Pakistan Flood Relief. Of course, I only realised on arrival how innapropriate my outfit was, but it turned out fine once I kicked my heels off and knotted the hem of my dress (which is floor length with 4-inch heels on) so that I could go running after ping pong ball with ease! Luckily I had worn the black bustier underneath to preserve my dignity and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

My friend and I were in a team we called “2 Racks, No Balls” but we had to pull out of the competition early because my partner had to leave early =( none the less we won our first game (against the “Untoucha-balls”) so we extrapolated and assumed we would have taken it out had we stayed in the comp. I had an awesome time which is usually the case when your clothing reaks of booze. Hope everyone else had an equally eventful weekend!

Just to add a little something extra to this post. I figured I would feature a few pieces from State of Georgia's eclectic Spring/Summer 2011 collection that I love! These pieces are available from Harlow Online. Photos courtesy of their website.

STATE OF GEORGIA Boyfriend Shirt $110.00 AUD
STATE OF GEORGIA Poolside Shorts $88.00 AUD

STATE OF GEORGIA Ophelia Dress $198.00 AUD

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