Friday, September 10, 2010

In the Spotlight : One Teaspoon

Classic Silk Shirt $189.95 AUD

Dead Spirit Romper $149.95 AUD

Forbidden Siren Jacket $249.95 AUD

Vagabond Leather Shorts $250 AUD

Black Evil Dress $99.95 AUD

Black Poppies Bodies $249.95 AUD and Bermuda Maxi $189.95 AUD

Kiss of Death Dress $249.95 AUD

Confessions Dress $129.95 AUD

Ocean Smoke Romper $129.95 AUD

All available from One Teaspoon's online store.

Not a new or underground brand by any means but I think One Teaspoon has laid pretty low up until recently. Big love to One Teaspoon's recent range, I'm really digging it. It's super edgy and unique without being overly trendy. I would pretty much wear everything I've posted here. But I would do unspeakable things for the Vagabond shorts, the Ocean Smoke Romper, the Forbidden Siren Jacket and the Black Evil Dress... Hell I'd probably do unspeakable things for any of it!

I am currently in possession of the Dead Spirit Romper, which is amazing. The bum ruffle won me over! Gorgeous it is, but practical it most certainly is not. Unless I get crafty with layering, this baby will remain as beach wear.

But yeah, kudos to the folks at One Teaspoon for really stepping it up recently! Love, your #1 fan!

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