Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Graphic Art...

I stumbled across these photos and was amazed at the incredible work by microscopic artist, Dalton Ghetti. I love seeing artistic expression in new and wonderful forms and to me it was ingenious to make something that is generally an artistic tool into a work of art in itself. I admire the patience and finess that would have been required to do it and there's something I love about the simple, unadultered, raw, dirtiness of graphite.

Apparently some pieces take him up to two and a half years to complete! I think that if every human being had that much patience, commitment and passion about something, we would be living in a very different world. He describes his "hobby" as follows:
"It's hard to explain but for me it's like a sort of mediation. I'm alone with no music on in my studio and in a deep state of concentration, it's like another mind state I float about in. I use the sewing needle to make holes or dig into the graphite. I scratch and create lines and turn graphite around slowly in my hand. Also, I never buy the pencils, my friends are always giving me them to sculpt or sometimes I use ones I find in the street". Credit: Environmental Graffiti
I'm still in awe at the fact that not only does he create these mini sculptures so tiny and detailed, but then he goes ahead and engraves his even tinier mark into each piece. Amazing!




 I hope you enjoyed these. Credit for all of these photos come from: Environmental GraffitiBuzzfeed and inhabitat. Check out these websites for more information!

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