Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Alarms and No Surprises...

Skirt, Scarf and clutch: Vintage
Jacket: ASOS
Sheos: Basque

So the other day I had to present my final year honours project to a bunch of industry professionals, academia and students in a small exhibition run by my university. This was a big component of our assessment for the project so it was a pretty big deal and I was so nervous! I think it went really well though and I had a really good time showing off my work =)

I never know how to dress professionally without getting too boring and corporate. I’d love to see more of it on here! We didn’t really have a dress code but I decided to get the big guns out and get myself out there by wearing this. I loved the candy striped shirt with the polka dotted skirt, which I kindly took off my mum’s hands. I added the white bow, puff sleeved blazer and the matching leather accessories and I was good to go!

I even decided to pull my hair back for the occassion. In the four years I’ve studied with my friends, they have never seen me dress like this or have my hair put up like this and so many of them didn’t even recognise me at first. I almost NEVER have my hair back but I feel like you gain a bit of confidence without being able to hide behind your hair, which was exactly what I needed for this exhibition! Hope you like it =)


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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My ModCloth Lust Haves...

So I don't know what to do... I feel like I need all of these items and yet absolutely can't have them all. I seem to fall in love with all of the more expensive pieces. Help me choose! If I could only have one item, I think it would be the "Fanciful Phenomenom Top" but could I possibly justify $102.99 plus postage? So I ask, what would you do?

All photos are courtesy of Modcloth. 
Fanciful Phenomenon Top - $102.99

Rising Star Wedge - $124.99

In a State of Suspense Skirt - $56.99

Cumulus Clouds Shorts - $39.99

Platinum Boot - $194.99

Net-work Bag - $79.99

Coffee and Dreams Dress (currently out of stock) - $54.99

EDIT: I have also "picked" the following items in the "Be the buyer" section. If you like them, you should vote for them too!

Sample 508 - $47.99

Sample 513 - $47.99

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Punching in a Dream...

Dress: Vintage
Belt and shoes: Sportsgirl
Sweater: Modcloth
Headband: DIY

I’ve been a terrible Chictopian and blogger, so apologies for the lack of posts, comments, blog visits etc. This week has probably been the most stressful of my life but it’s nearly over =)

Between all the work, I managed to DIY this rosette headband. I really wanted a white crown rosette headband and had no idea where to get one so I decided to get creative. It’s far from perfect but I dunno I guess I prefer that interesting flawed look.

This outfit was comfy, which is my first priority at the moment. The dress is vintage and I love the print and the slinky, flowy material but it was a bit longer than I would have liked so I hitched up the skirt to add a touch of youthfulness. I got a few looks though, I think some people may have thought I got my skirt tucked in my undies (wouldn’t be the first time) but I like the asymmetry. This sweater is one of my favourite Modcloth purchases. Actually, I love everything I’ve ever bought from there but unfortunately the postage is so expensive to Australia that I rarely go past creating a collection in my shopping basket before realising that I just can’t swallow the postage costs. 

Thanks to all my new followers! I'd love to visit all your blogs so drop me a message and I will pay you a visit =)
Ps. If people are interested, I can do a tutorial on how to make the headband!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Door Closes...

Top: Sportsgirl
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Hong Kong
Bracelet: Disney Couture
Necklace: Thailand

Sorry for not posting this for a few days, uni is seriously intense right now. I shouldn't even be on here but I feel like I deserve a break! I'm looking forward to posting regularly once semester is over and out!

With that in mind, Friday marked the last day of class for my degree! I’m officially done with classes! (until I inevitably decide to do a post-grad or another degree). Pretty crazy to think about it, but at the same time it didn’t really hit me too hard. It’s probably because I still have so much study to do in the form of a thesis, multiple assignments, seminar presentation and exams… It’s not over til it’s over and it’s definitely not over yet!

Of course, being the engineering students that we are, we did not get to go out and celebrate but rather we stayed at uni til 8pm on the Friday night of our last day of class to work on an assignment… We are THAT cool.

This skirt was another vintage buy, I decided it was time for a little colour! This shirt, I love. I’m really into textured pieces and I love the slouchy, cropped cut. Not sure if you can tell but it’s a little longer in the back. I’m going to keep it brief, because you know I have to head to bed after partying so hard (and by that I’m refering to the computer lab party woo..)

Oh, THANKS SO MUCH TO MY NEW FANS AND FOLLOWERS!! You guys rock! I always visit the pages of my new Chitopia fans and blog followers, so please come visit me and drop me a line, if you like it, please follow me! I’d be so appreciative and would reciprocate the loving!

A big thank you to Recebba from See you in Sweden for including me in your last post! Please drop into her amazing blog for some stylish eye candy!

Can anybody please tell me how to see my bloglovin' followers? I would love to visit their pages but can only see how many followers I have and not who they are!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A blush with fate...

Blush with fate...
Miu Miu Suede strappy platform sandals £310.64 net-a-porter
Alice Mccall The Road That Has No End Jacket $499AUD mycatwalk
Grayce Two-Tone Crystal Stretch Cuff, Blush/Beige $195USD charmandchain
Shakuhachi Day Tripper Pocket Shirt Dress $220 AUD mycatwalk
Shakuhachi Bandage Off Shoulder Dress$320AUD mycatwalk
Francesca feather skirt $330USD aliceandolivia
Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle $965USD ssense
Topshop Wisteria Chiffon Tie Wedges $135 $80USD topshop

While everyone is going ga-ga for rusted oranges, I'm still enamoured with blush...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Seven Fashion Sins...

Jumpsuit: Witchery
Shoes: Mollini / DIY
Belt: Sportsgirl
Bag: Vintage Cartier
Headband: Witchery scarf
Necklace: Vintage

Ugh.. rough day today. I spend all day at the lab working on my thesis, only for Microsoft Word to crash twice and lose my hard work for the entire day! =( not happy…

On a happier note, I finally plucked the courage to wear this jumpsuit. I haven’t had a clue how to style it but took inspiration from other Chitopian jumpsuit wearers. I’m still pretty unsure about how this turned out so I appreciate any feedback! I wanted to DIY these wedges forever and could never decide what to do. I was inpsired by the wrap wedges that are around at the moment…. so voila! This is what I whipped up in about 5 minutes flat this morning! =)

So I was tagged by the every lovely KC from Inspirafashion to confess my seven fashion and style secrets! These were great fun to read so I decided to spill the beans, so here goes:

Confession #1.
 If you have read my blog, you would have read that I have a strange habit of putting my clothes through a probation period. By that I mean that whenever I buy something new, I have to let it sit in my closet for only for me to admire for a while before I'm willing to wear it. This can be anywhere from a week to several months. It's a terrible habit though, because they date before I even get a chance to wear them!

 Confession #2.
I will almost never wear more than one new item at once. I almost feel like I'm spoiling myself by doing that and I should save them so that I can try to wear something new every time I get dressed. It's weird... 

  Confession #3.
  I own around 12 pairs of jeans, but I almost never wear them! I love jeans and I think they look great, but for some reason I just never wear them! I guess it's because I don't really find them comfortable and it's a also that I feel like I've been a bit lazy when I resort to jeans.

Confession #4.
 I am a compulsive online shopper (that includes ebay). My breakup of shopping probably consists of around 60% online/20% thrift stores/20% other. There's something exciting about always expecting a package in the mail, and I am... always.. expectect.. mail!

Confession #5.
 I hardly ever borrow or lend clothes. Although I generally don't have problems lending my things to friends, I can be a little possessive over certain items. I hardly ever borrow too, I like to think my wardrobe represents me and I wouldn't be true to myself if I wore other people's clothes. Obviously that's pretty ridiculous, but it's just one of my compulsions. Plus, I was brought up being told not to lend or borrow things.
Confession #6.
 I have a passion for makeup. Seriously. I probably have around 100 eyeshadows and pigments. Most of my makeup products are MAC. I always wear at least 3 different eyeshadow colours at one time. I almost never leave the house without a full face of makeup on. I usually get quite creative with my makeup but this semester, time has been a limiting factor. After semester is over, I hope to include a face of the day with every outfit of the day! =)

 Confession #7.
 I plan my outfits. If I don't, I'm guaranteed to be late or look like a mess. I usually plan the night before, but I won't actually try it on til the morning. You can tell when I either haven't planned or I had to re-pick an outfit the morning of because I usually forget to accessorise and I resort to my staples.

Phew! Actually admitting some of those things actually made me feel like a complete weirdo! haha scary thing is a had a few more I could have written... That was fun =) I hope you feel like you know me just a little bit better now!