Thursday, September 2, 2010

Credit Card or Pocket Change? : Oversized Wayfarers

Grey Ant Status Sunglasses in Black from Revolve Clothing ($253) vs. KISS Oversized Wayfarers from Ebay ($6)

I've had my eye on these for a while, ever since I saw them in a picture on Erin Wasson and Beyonce:

Credit:  New High (M)art

But I had recently bought some Rayban Clubmasters so I wasn't ready to have another sunnies splurge. Especially since I had never seen them in sale in Australia, I would have had to order them online and pray that they looked ok on... Until I found some cheap knock-offs!

They didn't have them in black so I got them in Tortoise, which I honestly wasn't too dissapointed about! The seller was great and when they arrived, they were better than I expected! I definitely thought they were amazing for the price. So, in case you were wondering, I have included a couple of pics of them on me =)

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