Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Credit Card or Pocket Change? : Armour Rings

LOW LUV by Erin Wasson Armour Knuckle Ring from Akira $79.90 US vs. Sportsgirl Stud Hinged Ring from Sportsgirl $19.95 AUD

I'm a sucker for excessive hardware so I'm pretty into all the armour rings that are floating around at the moment. I happen to come across these two and were struck by the obvious similarity with an obviously dissimilar price tag... Granted I do love the tarnished finish on the LOW LUV ring. I'm not into brassy gold too much. The Sportsgirl ring also comes in Silver.

They've also done a couple of other armour rings, I snagged the Filigree Body Armour. My only complaint is that I got the S/M and it was still falling off my finger so I had to tie an elastic band around it. Otherwise, I love it! Enjoy!

Filigree Body Armour Ring $24.95 AUD and Posh Armour Ring $24.95 AUD both from Sportsgirl

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