Thursday, September 16, 2010

Filigree whismy...

I just wanted to showcase some amazing jewellery by an Australian artist and jewellry designer, Zoe Sernack. The brand is "zoemou" and the collection is stunning! I'm generally not into anything overly girly but these pieces are lovely and whimsical without losing a slightly rugged edge. This is a brief description of her work from their website:

"Inspired by art noveau designs, typically produced in Paris in the
1920's, Zoe has created striking range of laser-cut necklaces. She says
of her designs; "I love working with a natural material that has been
used since time began". Because of her artistic background, she is
constantly creating. Understanding leather, as a medium and cutting
techniques always inspires Zoe to create innovative designs."

The following pieces were found from and are available from the The Grand Social unless otherwise stated.

From the GYPSY MOON collection:

From the Zoumou Leather Collection:

The Tomorrow's Yesterdays Collection (currently on pre-order)

Heneritta - Gold (PRE-ORDER)  AUD$137.00


Now if these amazing little creations are out of your price range, then the next lot might be the one for you! A arng of these stunning pieces are available heavilty discounted on Thread People, but only for a few more days... so get in quick! I haven't yet decided whether I will treat myself to one of these beauties but temptation has been known to get the better of me in the past! The following are a sample of what can be found from the website...

Bianca Necklace - Wooden Retail: $132.00, Thread People: AUD $55.00 (58% Discount)



Anastasia Necklace Retail: $110.00 Thread People: AUD $40.00 (64% Discount)

Valeria Earrings Retail: $93.00 Thread People: AUD $30.00 (68% Discount)

Mazarine Necklace Retail: $132.00 Thread People: AUD $40.00 (70% Discount)

Crysantha Necklace Retail: $110.00 Thread People: AUD $50.00 (55% Discount)

I hope some of you get the chance to snag one (or more) of these up! Enjoy!

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