Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Wear a Suticase Under Each One of My Eyes...

Dress: MinkPink "Moonlight Hours" Velvet Maxi from
Shoes: GoJane
Blouse: TEMT
Necklace: gifted

I thought about not posting these because I look so damn grumpy in them haha. But to be fair it was early in the morning, it was a rainy, miserable day, and I was “looking forward” to a 10 hour day at uni, so there really wasn’t too much to smile about!

I’ve been wondering how I could wear this dress. It’s pretty out there, being a deep blue velvet maxi that I purchased not long ago at who I did a review for here.

The funny thing is when I wore it by itself, both my parents commented on how lovely my evening dress is and when I told them I was going to wear it to uni they were shocked! Haha, it’s so funny how much fashion evolves in some ways and not in others. But I definitely felt the need to break up all the velvet by layering it with the pussybow blouse. This isn’t my favourite way to wear this dress but I figured I would post it anyway!

Cat Rantings:
I’ve been on a massive shopping kick the last couple of months. I don’t know if it’s a distraction technique to keep me away from studying. It’s slightly worrying since I should be saving for my overseas move and the time spent browsing the internet should be put into all the projects and assignments I have due in the coming weeks, but I’ve never been so excited to open my closet!

PS. The name of this post refers to the song my The Wombats, "Tokyo Vampires and Wolves". It was the first thing that came to my head when I looked at my photos, probably because I had massive bags under my eyes haha but also the title of the song seems befitting around the halloween season, just like my outfit.

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