Sunday, October 10, 2010

Acid Trip...

Dress: Thrifted
Bag and earrings: Vintage
Belt: From a dress I bought in Vietnam


This dress… is an absolute treasure. This is one of my thrift store finds from the other day and I was instantly drawn to the bright, colourful, crayonesque, somewhat psychadelic print. I feel like I’m wearing an acid trip.. hence the title. It’s about 3-4 sizes too big for me but I love how oversized and drapey it makes it, although a nip and tuck here and there would never hurt. I also love how juxtaposed the long, conservative nanna style of it is with the fact that it has a cleavage flashing plunging neckline. Perfection.
I hope you could see how truly adorbs these earrings are, they’re little red fabric rosettes. I stole them from ya mum (not really, they’re from my mum). The bag was also inherited, either my mum's, grandmother's or auntie's.These shoes, I truly hope live for eternity. I've had them for a few years now and I don't think they'll ever go out of fashion. They're probably consistently near the top of my list of favourite shoes, and I own a few!

Cat Rantings:
First of all, I want to shout out to the lovely people who have visited my blog, and especially those who have left lovely comments. I hadn’t checked my comments for days purely because I really didn’t expect anybody to leave any. But when I check today I was so pleasantly surprised! It really means a lot and it really made my day! It’s really motivated me to become a better, more active blogger. It took me nearly two years to go from lurking Chictopia to actually participating so now that I’ve taken the dive, I feel the need to commit and that goes for my blog too. And that I will…

So… I propose, that I WILL start commenting regularly on people’s blogs. And, I hope that as a result, I will have more people come to visit mine and feel as though they can leave me a message as well. And I will continue to (since I already do) to visit anybody’s blog who drops me a sincere line (as long as their comment contains more than just something along the lines of "VISIT MY BLOG… etc etc.blogspot.etc.).
So that’s the pact I’ve made to myself…

So I wore this outfit to dinner the other night with some girlfriends. I've been desperate to wear it ever since I picked it up. We ate at this amazing Tibetan Restaurant (for anyone from Brisbane, please check out Tibetan Kitchen in West End). My friends and I frequent there because a lot of them are vegetarian and they seriously have more vego options than anything!


  1. WOW, really gorgeous and loved the length of it. It's different because I expected it to be short with that pattern for some reason but it wasn't. Love it!

  2. Very pretty dress. This would be sooooo HOT shortened..



Thanks so much for your lovely comments! I enjoy reading them all and visiting your blogs =)