Monday, October 11, 2010

Call Off the Search Party!...

...I've finally found the perfect playsuit.

Let me introduce to you the "Baxter Playsuit" in "Black Pixel Thistle" by Finders Keepers...

Finders Keepers - Baxter Playsuit in Black Pixel Thistle $99 AUD from (and photos courtesy of)

I actually found it several months ago while browsing the Freez online store, but held off buying it due to lack of funds. Only, a few weeks ago, when I decided I was finally ready, it was already sold out! Devastated!! I emailed them to ask if they were getting more in, "No sorry!"... Of course, like most people, as soon as I couldn't have it, I decided I HAD to have it! Let me tell you, this playsuit is hard to find.

I went to a local store, Princess Polly, to look for it because I knew they stocked the same playsuit there in plain colours. Sold out. They told me to check their online store, which I did as soon as I got home. I decided to settle for it in "Little Blue". Nope, sold out. I then pondered whether to go for my third choice and order it in "Dessert Flower Pink" and although it is gorgeous, my gut told me not to settle.

 inders Keepers - Baxter Playsuit in Little Blue, Dessert Flower Pink and Paradise Green $110 AUD from (and photos courtesy of) Princess Polly

Of course in the meantime, I searched all over the interwebs and ebay. I decided to check Freez again, just in case. There it was.. one, single Baxter playsuit (a size or two too big but I didn't care). I ordered it without hesitation and it arrived in my letterbox within 48hours and it now lives happily ever after in my wardrobe.

The End.

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  1. omgosh i get the same way when an item gets sold out. it was like that with the Jessica Simpson Dani platforms and the F21 miu miu inspired mary janes. haha. im looving the pink jumpsuit! lovely post girl <3.


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