Saturday, October 9, 2010

Compulsive Sketcher: Manning Cartell Spring/Summer 2011/2011

Manning Cartell has always been one of my favourite Australian brands. The brand was spawned from  a partnership of three sisters and their collections have always been about femininity with a twist, bridging the gap between timeless sophistication and edgy progressiveness. I've owned a few of their pieces over the years and it's been great seeing them grow as designers.

This collection seems to be more about femininity and elegance, and it seems like they've really refined each and every piece. My absolute favourite has to be the "Daily Sketch Formal Dress". Just stunning.

"Entitled ‘Compulsive Sketcher’ the collection is Manning Cartell’s vision of “distorted ink drawings entwined in Spanish tales of romance.” This means taking your cues from the dress of matadors and senoritas, sophisticated silhouettes and lots of seductive black lace." Melbourne GPO

All photos are courtesy of The Grand Social where the collection is available for pre-order.

Whiteout Shirt $254.00 AUD
Periwinkle Maxi $454.00 AUD


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  3. these are so lovely, I heart the trousers, just a gorgeous collection. Everything about this is sleek and elegant, still perfect for daytime. I love it! Check out my blog, would mean a lot.

    x JChoudhury

  4. You have a great blog and I just came across to it and fell in love with Manning Cartell spring/summer 2011 collection. Keep blogging your great at it (:

    x JChoudhury

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