Thursday, October 7, 2010

Passive Me, Aggresive You...


 Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: Boutique in Hong Kong
Jeans: Nudie
Top: Kookia
Necklace: FCUK
Rings: Sportsgirl and ASOS

As you can see, my usual photo spot hasn’t been featured recently. That’s because with the summer sun showing it’s face, my spot gets drowned in brightness, washing out my outfits. Hopefully I can still use it when I take photos at other times of the day or on overcast day because you would not believe how hard it is to find a plain wall in my home with space in front of it for a tripod…

So this jacket was one of my awesome finds at one of my favourite thrift stores the other day! It’s amazing! I hope these photos do it justice… It’s in absolute mint condition and the detailing is incredible. I took the shoulder pads out but it still has a strong shoulder/puff shoulder element and I never bought into the peplum trend but I couldn’t get past how adorable the peplum skirt on this jacket is!! The fabric is an amazing hot pink with a brocade like texture and I absolutely love everything about it. It actually buttons all the way up, but I left it unbuttoned, apart from at the waist for a more casual feel.

Because the peplum sits quite high-waisted, I decided to wear it with my current favourite jeans, my high-waisted Nudies. I actually rarely wear jeans, just because I find them uncomfortable but these would have to be my faves. Of course I matched my accessories (how predictable am I…) I’m not actually much of a pink person, but I really like this look.

The necklace is amazing! It’s by French Connection and I can see me wearing it with a lot of stuff. My only complaint is that the little coloured squares have already started peeling off, but nothing a little super glue won’t fix =)


  1. I am now a follower of yours, stylish Cat-woman. Nice to "meet" you. -Bella Q

  2. Haha you are welcome here for as long as you continue to be funny and stylish... so I'm sure always =)



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