Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Door Closes...

Top: Sportsgirl
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Hong Kong
Bracelet: Disney Couture
Necklace: Thailand

Sorry for not posting this for a few days, uni is seriously intense right now. I shouldn't even be on here but I feel like I deserve a break! I'm looking forward to posting regularly once semester is over and out!

With that in mind, Friday marked the last day of class for my degree! I’m officially done with classes! (until I inevitably decide to do a post-grad or another degree). Pretty crazy to think about it, but at the same time it didn’t really hit me too hard. It’s probably because I still have so much study to do in the form of a thesis, multiple assignments, seminar presentation and exams… It’s not over til it’s over and it’s definitely not over yet!

Of course, being the engineering students that we are, we did not get to go out and celebrate but rather we stayed at uni til 8pm on the Friday night of our last day of class to work on an assignment… We are THAT cool.

This skirt was another vintage buy, I decided it was time for a little colour! This shirt, I love. I’m really into textured pieces and I love the slouchy, cropped cut. Not sure if you can tell but it’s a little longer in the back. I’m going to keep it brief, because you know I have to head to bed after partying so hard (and by that I’m refering to the computer lab party woo..)

Oh, THANKS SO MUCH TO MY NEW FANS AND FOLLOWERS!! You guys rock! I always visit the pages of my new Chitopia fans and blog followers, so please come visit me and drop me a line, if you like it, please follow me! I’d be so appreciative and would reciprocate the loving!

A big thank you to Recebba from See you in Sweden for including me in your last post! Please drop into her amazing blog for some stylish eye candy!

Can anybody please tell me how to see my bloglovin' followers? I would love to visit their pages but can only see how many followers I have and not who they are!

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  1. So glad that made you happy Cat! I wanted to send you some traffic if I could do that because I think you're awesome and creative as evidenced by this outfit, love it!

    Congrats on finishing school!!! :)

    Also I don't think you can see your bloglovin followers but maybe I'm just wrong. I haven't figured it out yet....

  2. Love your blog sooo much! Hope you will follow or visit mine:)

  3. Your outfit is G R E AAAA T! :)
    I like it a lot!

    Visit me

  4. Love this skirt. The colors are so vibrant!!



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