Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Seven Fashion Sins...

Jumpsuit: Witchery
Shoes: Mollini / DIY
Belt: Sportsgirl
Bag: Vintage Cartier
Headband: Witchery scarf
Necklace: Vintage

Ugh.. rough day today. I spend all day at the lab working on my thesis, only for Microsoft Word to crash twice and lose my hard work for the entire day! =( not happy…

On a happier note, I finally plucked the courage to wear this jumpsuit. I haven’t had a clue how to style it but took inspiration from other Chitopian jumpsuit wearers. I’m still pretty unsure about how this turned out so I appreciate any feedback! I wanted to DIY these wedges forever and could never decide what to do. I was inpsired by the wrap wedges that are around at the moment…. so voila! This is what I whipped up in about 5 minutes flat this morning! =)

So I was tagged by the every lovely KC from Inspirafashion to confess my seven fashion and style secrets! These were great fun to read so I decided to spill the beans, so here goes:

Confession #1.
 If you have read my blog, you would have read that I have a strange habit of putting my clothes through a probation period. By that I mean that whenever I buy something new, I have to let it sit in my closet for only for me to admire for a while before I'm willing to wear it. This can be anywhere from a week to several months. It's a terrible habit though, because they date before I even get a chance to wear them!

 Confession #2.
I will almost never wear more than one new item at once. I almost feel like I'm spoiling myself by doing that and I should save them so that I can try to wear something new every time I get dressed. It's weird... 

  Confession #3.
  I own around 12 pairs of jeans, but I almost never wear them! I love jeans and I think they look great, but for some reason I just never wear them! I guess it's because I don't really find them comfortable and it's a also that I feel like I've been a bit lazy when I resort to jeans.

Confession #4.
 I am a compulsive online shopper (that includes ebay). My breakup of shopping probably consists of around 60% online/20% thrift stores/20% other. There's something exciting about always expecting a package in the mail, and I am... always.. expectect.. mail!

Confession #5.
 I hardly ever borrow or lend clothes. Although I generally don't have problems lending my things to friends, I can be a little possessive over certain items. I hardly ever borrow too, I like to think my wardrobe represents me and I wouldn't be true to myself if I wore other people's clothes. Obviously that's pretty ridiculous, but it's just one of my compulsions. Plus, I was brought up being told not to lend or borrow things.
Confession #6.
 I have a passion for makeup. Seriously. I probably have around 100 eyeshadows and pigments. Most of my makeup products are MAC. I always wear at least 3 different eyeshadow colours at one time. I almost never leave the house without a full face of makeup on. I usually get quite creative with my makeup but this semester, time has been a limiting factor. After semester is over, I hope to include a face of the day with every outfit of the day! =)

 Confession #7.
 I plan my outfits. If I don't, I'm guaranteed to be late or look like a mess. I usually plan the night before, but I won't actually try it on til the morning. You can tell when I either haven't planned or I had to re-pick an outfit the morning of because I usually forget to accessorise and I resort to my staples.

Phew! Actually admitting some of those things actually made me feel like a complete weirdo! haha scary thing is a had a few more I could have written... That was fun =) I hope you feel like you know me just a little bit better now!


  1. similar on #4 lol.
    i like that headband on you.

  2. Love the jumpsuit & headband!
    Haha I have the same with #4 & #5!

  3. You look fabulous!
    on the same page as You on #2,#5 and #7 (:
    Ra xo

  4. that witchery jumpsuit looks ridiculously comfortable! x


  5. just about died when i saw the fabulousness of those shoes! you look amazing! one of my faves to date!



  6. super cute! i love ur jumper :)


  7. He girl,

    I'm definetly following you back.
    Thanks for following, but I can't see you in my list of followers :( Could you try again.

    And again the loveley jumpsuit!


  8. Yeah it worked, and now you can see me too.
    I can relate to confension #5!

  9. wow...favolous shoes dear!!!i LOOVE your style :D i follow you !!!


  10. that vintage cartier is a gem!!!! luv the lace of ur wedges! nice DIY :) u r so pretty
    thx for ur msg left in my blog, and a big thx to ur mom for translating some of my posts to u ^^

  11. This outfit is so amazing I almost fell out of my chair, for real. I LOVE IT!!! I see your a makeup addict, any good suggestions for a nice nude lipstick that's semi-sheer but doesn't look like I've just foundationed out my mouth?

  12. Hmm, this is a challenge, my nude lipsticks can look like that and I often do just use foundation! I will have a think and get back to with suggestions =)

  13. soo with you on #2, 4, and 7! omgosh i am a complete compulsive online shopper. and almost ALL my shoes are purchased online. bad habit indeed haha. ah i love the feeling tho also of packages coming for me! :p. thx for mentioning me girl! :).
    AND lovelove the DIY shoes, soo cute and chic! & ur always so lovely pretty :).
    <3, KC.
    PS. i'm now following you on blog lovin' :).


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