Saturday, October 30, 2010

My ModCloth Lust Haves...

So I don't know what to do... I feel like I need all of these items and yet absolutely can't have them all. I seem to fall in love with all of the more expensive pieces. Help me choose! If I could only have one item, I think it would be the "Fanciful Phenomenom Top" but could I possibly justify $102.99 plus postage? So I ask, what would you do?

All photos are courtesy of Modcloth. 
Fanciful Phenomenon Top - $102.99

Rising Star Wedge - $124.99

In a State of Suspense Skirt - $56.99

Cumulus Clouds Shorts - $39.99

Platinum Boot - $194.99

Net-work Bag - $79.99

Coffee and Dreams Dress (currently out of stock) - $54.99

EDIT: I have also "picked" the following items in the "Be the buyer" section. If you like them, you should vote for them too!

Sample 508 - $47.99

Sample 513 - $47.99

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  1. Great picks! I think the black dress is my fave!

  2. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow

  3. The Topshop blouse is incredibly beautiful and indeed my favourite too, but I also love the tall brown boots and the Modcloth cream dress. Talk about a difficult decision!

  4. These are $$$. There has to be one that you secretly prefer over the others but still just think about the others as choices. I love the boots best b/c they're different. There's plenty of more affordable black things out there.

    p.s. THANKS for the mac suggestions! :)

  5. Oh I saw your blog and I have to say you that it's fantastic. I follow you, can you follow me too please :D ?

    Kisses from Spain(K)

  6. hey!

    love u on chictopia so i follwed it here :)
    love your options.... hmmm i think go with the black shorts and then that way u can afford to buy the coffee dress too.
    thats what i would do.

    ~follow me at


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