Monday, November 29, 2010

Tutorial: DIY Cut-Out Shoulder Shirt

Alright guys, so this is my first (kinda dodgy) attempt at a tutorial. It's fairly simple so hopefully you guys can understand it and hopefully it's reproducible! It's not going to be the best tutorial you've ever seen but I figure it's a learning curve so here goes...


This image to the right was my inspiration and "guide" for how I wanted the shirt to vaguely look. I found it in a Sportsgirl catalogue.

It didn't end up looking quite like this because I managed to get the cut-out look without actually cutting away any fabric. I may go back alter it for a more dramatic look if I feel like it later =)

Step 1. Pick your shirt!

I bought this shirt for the tutorial, it's actually an oversized shirt dress. It was only $5 from a Cotton On outlet store so I figured it wouldn't be a great loss if my DIY attempt failed miserably. The advantage of the shirt I chose it that it has a seam running down the shoulder, which is what I used to make the cut out portion.

  Step 2. Start Unpicking!

Start by unpicking the seam closest to the collar. I cut a couple of stiches with a pair of scissors and then unpicked each stitch with a needle.

I was very careful not to actually cut away any of the fabric and only the stiching.

Step 2. Keep going!

The picture to the left pretty much just shows the front and back panels being separated as a result of unpicking the seam.

Be careful not to go too far with the unpicking, it's a lot easier to unpick more than to have to resew it.I would suggest trying the shirt on every inch or two to see how you're coming along.

Step 2. Stop unpicking and start reseaming!

When you feel like you've unpicked enough, stop! I think I ended up unpicking along about 16cm from the collar.

When you're happy with how far you've unpicked, you can re-seam the front and back panel separately. I used the folding and the original seam holes as a guideline on where to sew.

I didn't include pictures of my sewing because I did it by hand so it's a bit shoddy. I would recommend using a machine!


I hope this helps someone! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask =)

Finish the look...

...with a girly, high-waisted, full-skirt and fantastically whimsical kicks!

To get a look similar to mine, I would suggest:

ASOS's "Tailored Wool Paperbag Full Skirt" (£30.00 from ASOS) layered over American Apparel's "Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat" ($70.00USD from American Apparel).


 Jeffrey Campbell's "Michelle" ($119.99USD from Modcloth)

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