Friday, November 19, 2010


Pants: Vintage   Blouse: Ebay   Headband: DIY   Shoes and Clutch: Sportsgirl

So I guess I would say that this outfit was at least midly inspired by the Valentino exhibit I attended last weekend. Mr. Valentino is all about the pleats and the rosettes and his couture from the 60’s is all about big voluminous pieces, namely flares. At this point I feel it is appropriate to point out that what I’m wearing are PANTS, not a skirt. Very wide legged, amazing, pleated, black, flared pants.

These pants were an absolute find. I picked them up at my local Antique Centre for a steal! I was there with my cousin, another avid thrifter, and she was telling me how much she loves buying vintage cameos and finding photos of the previous owners in there. Obviously, the photos are usually quite old. But I found it so endearing to own something that was so dearly loved by another person, and then being able to have another little insight of their life through they’re own photographic memories.

It made me think about how much I would have loved to see the previous owner of this pants in a photo, rocking these pants, and how they would have worn them. The elastic waist is hand stiched and falling apart, signs of obvious wear. I’m sure whoever owned them would have loved them as much as I do and maybe these photos will act as a little photo memory for the next admiring owner…

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  1. This blouse is amazing! The lovely shade of pink, the polka-dot print, the collar and the buttons are all such great details.

  2. love the shirt and the skirt together!

  3. This combo is great! I'm so excited to be able to shop again! Hopefully I can find something a great as your pants <3

    And thank you for stopping by my site! Thank you for following & I am I definitely following back!

    Keri Shadai

  4. wow darling, this is amazing! xx

  5. youve got an amazing style!!
    so im youre new follower, would you please follow me back :)?

    kisses from Spain

  6. you have a lovely blog!
    you follow me and i follow you?


  7. first off let me tell you what you already know: you look fantastic! the silhouette is deceptively simple, and then you tell me you are wearing pants! LOVE!

    like you one of the things I love about shopping vintage is the thought of the lives of the previous owners, what they wore less important than how they wore it, and sometimes (when you find a big stash that is clearing from the same wardrobe) You get a glimpse into a personality, and I always wonder what they were like, these people whose finds you are now wearing, adding your own memories to the garments.

    I just saw some previous commenter say you have amazing style. yes. you. do.

  8. Hello pretty!
    I fallen in love with your style: it's amazing!
    here I like so much your blouse with pois.
    You have a new follower ;)
    this is my blog. I hope you visit it.
    I woulb be very happy if we could follow each other.

  9. beautiful outfit! completely inspiring! =)

  10. great outfit. I love the top... i can't believe you snagged that on ebay! good eye!



  11. J'adore the headband, love <3

  12. This is so amazing look! Love your make-up as well.Lovely colour mix. You look so pretty!

    xo Ra


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