Thursday, December 2, 2010


Silk blazer: Vintage   T-shirt, shoes: Sportsgirl   Skirt, hand harness: ASOS

So APPARENTLY, yesterday was the first day of summer… I live in the so called “Sunshine State” in the largest desert island in the world, and this is what I wore on the first day of summer. Least to say, I am slightly resentful of the weather. I’ve been looking forward to the warmth and sunshine for oh so long, but no… We have had a record breaking spring for rainfall this year. Slight change for the drought we were suffering from for years!

On the positive note though, I always find my photos turn out best in rainy weather, regardless of the time of day, so that’s usually the only thing I have to look forward to on rainy days =)

Anyhoo, this is what I wore to the movies the other night. I saw RED with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich. Loved it! Malkovich was amazing! I recommend you all go see it! I was naughty and did some shopping as well so will have to show you my new goodies soon. Speaking of which, love love loving this hand harness I just got in the mail from ASOS! You can find it here. I got it in a S/M and was so thought the rings wouldn’t fit on my fingers but luckily they do, but it’s definitely a small make!

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  1. Summer? OH OH friend I DREAM of summer. Freezing my arse off, and not a cute piece of winter clothing in my closet. YOU look like a warm reminder that good weather is right around the corner. Well, a couple of seasons later, kind of corner.

    Happy Summer to you!

  2. i really love the purple-ness of that blazer. it's so nice.

  3. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hate u girl ,,,hate you :)))) i hate u because i lovee the jewelry ,, the blazer, the color of the blazer,,,,,, no no no ,,,, i love the whole outfit,,,greattttttttttttttttttttttt

    i just wait ur next post :*:*

  4. Your jewelry is gorgeous! I love your bag too!

  5. love every single items you wore + your polish on toes amazing color :)

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  6. i love the brilliant purple top and gold slave bracelet! =)

  7. So cute!! Nice to be able to wear that when it's so cold up here in the North :) Clouds are better for photos, sun (which most people think is best) takes so much color, shading, etc. away from your pictures :)

  8. 1st That blazer is on fire:)..2nd-your outfit is a killer..3rd-your accessories have some insane swagger..and 4th-Your super beautiful!!.Your looking lush and cute!!.Am new to your blog and am loving it already:).

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  9. So stunning !!!


  10. So amazing colour of blazer and I so looove your hand harness.
    We have so fabulous winter here in Ireland!

    xo Ra

  11. I love this outfit so much, the gray skirt with that purple blazer is so perfect. I've never done a maxi skirt and this makes me want to

  12. Nice outfit! Love your style! xoxo


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