Monday, November 22, 2010

Now my only company's a half full glass of wine...

Top, Cardi, Boots: Vintage   Shorts: No Brand   "Grammar School Knee Highs" Socks: Modcloth   Bracelet, Necklace: Ebay

This was my entry on chictopia for the Olsenboye City Girl Contest Sponsored by JCPenney. I have no expectations to come close to winning but it's all part of my pact to myself to put myself out there once in a while haha. Basically, the competition asks you to post a full body look and describe what city the outfit was inspired by.

This was my entry:

I would have to say that this outfit was definitely inspired by the eclectic, vintage style of Melbourne, Australia. I’ve visited a lot of fashion forward places in the world but I feel like Melbourne has stuck with me the strongest. People there are confident and creative and the city is buzzing with art, culture and music. The complexity of the mish-mash of genres is seen just about everywhere and I enjoyed nothing more than eating a gourmet brunch (at a non-gourmet price) at a kitschy little joint and people watching. There is a strong vintage influence in the city’s style. However, just about anything goes.

I hung out at a part of my city that is Melbourne-esque and it’s one of my favourite places to wine, dine and shop. I got a surprising number of compliments from the store workers wearing this outfit. One girl practically begged me to trade outfits with her, stating that she was wearing “a $150 jacket!”. I replied by saying "Wow, that cost more than my entire outfit added together. Haha. Needless to say, I let her keep her $150 jacket and I went about my day =)

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  1. I love the colour of your cardigan!

    I will be happy to follow you!
    If you want, please came in my new blog!


  2. Amazing look!
    I love everything about this outfit, but in particular your shoes and your blue cardigan.
    kisses and thank you for your sweet comment.
    I hope to see you again in my page.

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  4. Hi!
    I found your blog through chictopia...and your style is so carefree and easy! With an edge...
    I would be happy to follow your blog and I hope you follow mine too!
    And Good luck with the OlsenBoye contest!!

  5. Love this outfit! The top is really pretty and the cobalt blue color pops!

  6. Love this outfit! I am going to vote for you right now!

  7. Can't even describe how perfect this outfit is down to the last detail! The spikes, the shirt, lacy shorts, the socks and all works amazing together. Talent :)

  8. There is nothing ordinery about your looks, but still is down to earth, just with daring styling.
    These bold colours looks amazing on You!

    xo Ra

  9. This looks so comfy! I especially love the top!

  10. wow, i love the color combo! and i love how the delicate trim on the shorts looks with the bold cover up and print! your black hair always makes me want to dye mine back!!

  11. love the top and the shorts. Very chic.xx

  12. i like your post,especially this one....i like the outfit, those jewelry !!!

    i follow you now, and i just wait your next post!!
    i have a blog to, here is the adress if you want to follow me !!

  13. I was charmed by his clothes.
    And this shoe is simply amazing.
    Love the blog.

  14. Love this outfit! I can definitely see the inspiration coming to fruition. You can also enter ModCloth's Style Exchange!

    It gives you a chance every week throughout the holidays to win a $50 gift certificate. You can find the Style Exchange link in the footer of the homepage.

    Your friend,
    Elisa at ModCloth

  15. wauw those colours are just fabulous, I love everything about this outfit!! Great styling ;)


  16. The colors are so amazing! you look great in cobalt blue!

    Miss Neira

  17. Waaa! The link took me to the entire list, not just your outfit. I will fave you, but later, as I'm a bit short on time. LOVE your style, your spirit.

    Put yourself out there. Why? Not just cuz you're gorgeous (well, you ARE gorgeous) but you really have something special to share with us: you convey a happy, real and effortless style. It's nice to be reminded how fun and fresh and friendly fashion can be: you are that reminder.

    x to the o at ya, chica. you are rad. -Bella Q

  18. Your outfit is super original!



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