Sunday, November 14, 2010

Valentino Up Late...

Playsuit: Finders Keepers
Clutch: Olga Berg
Wedges: GoJane
Belt: Vintage
Bracelet: Ebay

These are just a few quick photos I took on Friday night before meeting up with my girls to go and see the “Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future” Exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art. Every Friday night, they open up the exhibition late and get the bar going and a DJ.

I had my fair share of champagne and by the time we reached the end of the exhibition we were holding back on fits of giggling schoolgirl excitement… but I got to see so many jaw-dropping, awe-inspiringly beautiful creations, it was a wonderful evening!I have to say, Valentino makes me wish I was living in the 60’s! The fashion from that era was so fabulous and so unreserved, all about colour and volume!

I ended up changing my bag to a plain black clutch after seeing these photos and realising they didn’t match quite as well as I had hoped… but I decided to post the photos anyway! Sorry for the quality of the photos, I was running late (luckily my friend was running later) and it was already fairly dark when I took these! (And hence the idential poses in every photo)

I would have loved to take photos of every single dress but it was strictly prohibited! So you should check out photos of some of the amazing couture that was displayed at the exhibition here on the Queensland Art Gallery Exhibition. Below is a sneak peek... Enjoy!

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  1. absolutely love the print of this dress! and how lucky that you got to go see Valentino's exhibition, must have been amazing in person! thanks for sharing these pictures though :)

  2. Shoes + clutch are just fantastic just like your suit, you look wonderful dear :) xo

  3. I love your playsuit! It must have been wonderful to see Valentino's exhition!

  4. Such a cool thing to do, they look so amazing but what really looks is amazing is you!! Gorgeous Cat!!

  5. I love the heels, and especially how they subtly match your romper!


  6. Love your blog!! I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  7. Love the color of the clutch!
    x fashionnerdic

  8. what a gorgeous playsuit!! love the floral print and the contrasting color of your clutch adds such a nice touch to the outfit!

  9. I really adore your intire look. Very cute.
    The contrasts of the colors are great. They look really good together.



  10. Oh, lucky You! I would love to see this exhibition!
    You look stunning!! Love these colours love how You styled it up. Gorgeous!

    xo Ra

  11. thank you for following! i don't know how i'm not already following you! great blog and you're just so gorgeous!


  12. thanks for following! i'll follow you back! it's good to see that you have a blog now apart from your chicblog on chictopia!:)


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