Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My beauty and makeup miracle products...

Problem: Dry, chapped lips and hard calloused heels
Miracle product: Lansinoh (or other purified Lanolin products)
Where can I get it?: Pharmacies, chemists, where most baby products can be purchased
Cost: Varies, but usually around $5-15 for 7-56g tubes 

Breastfeeding Mums Unite
Lanolin is my absolute holy grail of products! Lansinoh is the brand I use, although there may be many other brands available. This product is designed for breast-feeding mothers to "soothe, heal and protect sore nipples". It pretty much works for any dry skin.

It's yellow, thick and a little sticky but I use it religiously on my lips as a flavourless and odourless lip balm. And when my heels get dry and hard, I slather it on before I go to bed and I wake up with soft, smooth feet! It's cheap and the most effective product I've ever come across! Also works on your cuticles.

Problem: Stubborn makeup
Miracle product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (also known as "The Oil Cleanse Method"
Where can I get it?: Supermarkets, anywhere where food products are available
Cost: Depends on the brand but generally under $10 for 500mL 


Yep! If it's good enough to put in you, then why not to put on you? Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is nourishing and it's clarifying abilities make it an ideal cleanser and conditioner for your skin. It's also fantastic at breaking down makeup and getting rid of it. This does not rule out those with oily skin as it's not the oil that causes skin to break out.

The best part about this miracle product? It's so readily available and affordable! There are variations to the Oil Cleanse Method. I mix mine with Castor Oil (CO) about 70%EVOO/30%CO but it varies depending on the oiliness of your skin. You can read more about this method here, here and here.

Problem: Makeup wearing off or creasing over time
Miracle product: Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel
Where can I get it?: Pharmacies, online (I got mine on ebay) 
 Cost: Around $7-8 for 42g (1.5oz)
Paraben Free Princess
Best. Primer. Ever. Dead serious. I put this on my face, everyday. This is no secret around the makeup community so if you haven't discovered it yet, you need to get on it! The secret? The main ingrediant of the product is Dimethicone, which is in pretty much any high end, designer primer on the market. This just comes with less (unnecessary) bells and whistles!

It helps created a barrier between your skin and the makeup, smoothing the surface of your skin and keeping your makeup fresh. It comes in the form of a powdery gel (as described) and feels amazing smoothed over your skin (if you've ever used ModelCo's primer, the texture is very similuar). I put it on after moisturising and applying sunscreen, and before my makeup. Love love love this product!

Problem: Dark circles under the eyes
Miracle product: Maybelline Yellow Corrector Pressed Power
Where can I get it?: I believe it has been discontinued, but I bought mine from buymebeauty.com 
Cost: $5.99 for 12.7g (0.45oz)

I have naturally dark circles under my eyes, regardless of how much I've slept. I have never really found anything that was truly amazing, products such as YSL's Touche Éclat which argue reflective properties just never seemed to cut it for me. My only solution is to use a thick concealer which I set with Maybelline Yellow Corrector Pressed Power. The yellow of the powder balances out the darkness under your eyes. I'm addicted to this stuff and often get told I look tired (even when I'm not) if I forget to use it.

These are quite difficult to find these days, and only a couple of other brands have the same kind of product, but often for triple or quadruple the price. I have four backups of this powder and will probably get more. For reals.

Problem: Blemishes and uneven skin tone
Miracle product: NYX Concealer in a Jar
Where can I get it?: Wherever NYX cosmetics are found, pharmacies, online (Cherry Culture and Ebay)
Cherry Culture
Cost: $5.50 for 7g (0.25oz)

I've tried many, many concealers and I always come back to this one. It's thick, creamy and comes in loads of shades. It conceals well and stays put, especially with a setting powder. I use it mostly under my eyes but I also dot it on blemishes and it works a charm!

I own them in Beige (04) and Medium (05) and I mix them together to perfectly match my skin tone all year round. I also own it in Yellow which I use when I don't have my Maybelline Corrector Powder! Great price and generous quantities in each jar is also extra incentive to continue buying this wonder product!

Problem: Flat, dull makeup
Miracle product: MAC Vanilla Pigment
Where can I get it?: MAC Cosmetic stores or their online store
Cost: $19.50USD for 4.5g (0.15oz)

 If you only ever buy one MAC product in your life, please do yourself a favour and buy MAC's Vanilla Pigment. This is probably one of the most multi-purpose makeup products you will ever find. Described as a frosted, soft, ivory white, it's so multi-dimensional and shimmers and glimmers like white gold.

It's main and most obvious purpose is as an eyeshadow, but it doesn't end there. This product is the perfect highlight colour. Dust it under your brow, dot it in the inner corner of your eyes and sweep it across your cheeks for an instant makeup pick-me up giving your face life and a healthy glow! It can even be dotted in the middle of your lips for a plumped look or mix it with lipgloss to create and new colour. This is one product that I've never found a cheaper alternative that came even close to what this one does. The jars are big and will last you years, making them actually fantastic value. Worth every cent!

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