Sunday, November 28, 2010

Treat her like a lady...

Top: DIY/Cotton On   Skirt: H&M   Shoes: By Appointment   Bag: Vintage   Corsage Headband: Diva   Necklace: Hello Kitty

First of all… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has commented, voted and favourited my recent entries. And and extra big THANK YOU to my newest fans and followers! My fanbase has been growing faster than I would have expected and I’m so thrilled. I wanted to have some kind of giveaway or something organised when I hit 100 fans but I got there before I even had time to think about it!

I don’t know how anyone has time to be such great bloggers, as well as participate in multiple fashion communities, manage ebay or etsy stores and get anything else done! I’m working like mad at the moment, and unlike while I was studying, I’m not in front of a computer most of the day so I don’t get to keep up with the happenings on here quite as much. Apologies if I’ve missed your looks and haven’t replied to comments and such but I’ll do my best to keep up!

So I decided to DIY a shirt, I’ve been loving the cutout shoulder trend and wanted to try it myself and here is the result! I came across this pale pink (nudey-blush) shirt dress on a sale for $5 and I figured it would be the best thing for me to experiment on. I actually had the foresight this time to snap some photos as I went along so I will be posting a tutorial soon!

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  1. lovely outfit,really pretty and i need those shoes :)

  2. Amazing outfit!
    I like so much the skirt!

  3. You blew me away with this outfit. So cute!!

  4. Cat, this very beautiful. i really love the skirt. and the shirt is so nice. can't wait for your tutorial.

  5. this is such a beautiful and classic look! i love your heels! =)

  6. Looooove your shoes and your bag! Super chic outfit! Love your blog :)

    Love & Labels

  7. I super love your style, girly and fabulous and elegant, plus you're not afraid to wear thrifted pieces! you're my style icon!
    -joyce <3

  8. love your top and heels :)
    (to those who haven't visited my blog yet, please follow my blog and/or twitter @divalicious_m thanks!)



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