Friday, December 17, 2010

The Stylish Blogger Award and Fashion Paparazzis feature ...

 The Award

The ever-lovely Ramona from Strike A Pose was sweet enough to contact me to let me know that she had tagged me with the "Stylish Blogger Award". Ramona is gorgeous and has wonderful style  so you should all go check out her blog! It's always packed with beautiful and inspirational photos!

So in order to accept the award, I was required to complete the following tasks:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share seven facts about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to seven bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

 1. Thank the person who gave you this award

Thanks so much Ramona! You're sweet, gorgeous and oh so stylish and it was an honour to receive this award from you! xo

2. Seven facts about myself...

Fact #1. I was names after my birthplace, mid-flight a Cathay Pacific 747 en-route from Australia to Hong Kong (where I was hoped to be born). I have a special birth certificate for "Births on planes and boats" and I was the first to be awarded this birth certificate for my birth year (even though I was born in June).

Fact #2. I lived my first 10.5 years in Hong Kong, before moving to Brisbane, Australia with my family. I have since lived in Florida for a year (and will soon be returning) as well as a 3-month stint in the UK.

Fact #3. I have the travel bug hard. I have been to at least one new country every year for the last six or seven years (usually two or three countries a year) and I hope to live in the States for a while. I'm also hoping at some point to live in Europe and Japan.

Fact # 4. I very recently graduated from engineering (with honours). In fact, I literally just came home from my graduation ceremony! Yays =)

Fact #5. My background is half Chinese and half British. Although, I get mistaken for a local whereever I go. Espially hispanic and Asian countries, such as Mexico, Cambodia and Vietnam. I even got spoken to in Spanish when I was in La Guardia airport in NYC.   

 Fact #6. I am a massive hoarder. I have crap everywhere and my wardrobes (plural) are stuffed and overflowing constantly. Yet, it is in a state of organised chaos and it is rare that I lose something or not know where it is... You could never describe me as a minimalist!

Fact #7. Some of my favourite foods are dark chocolate, soft cheeses, lychees and mango anything (but especially dried). I also love roast duck, cheesecake, creme brulee and my mum's home cooked roasts. I have a massive sweet tooth and rarely go without dessert!

3. Pay it foward to seven blogger
These are seven of my favourite blogs that I like to stalk on a frequent basis that you definitely need to add to your blogroll if they're not already on there!
1. Belle from Bellavanité - for her inspiring and individual quirky style
2. Elizabeth from Reinventing the Heel - for the lovings and livings of a trendy boutique owner
3. Rebecca from See You in Sweden - for her gorgeous feminine looks and frequent inspiration posts
4. Hope Adela from Pink Champagne - for her amazing and whimsical photos shoots 
5. Freesia from Freesia Blog - for her gorgeous vintage inspired outfits
6. Duygu from Combo-Monster - for her hauntingly beautiful good looks and style to match
7. Nana from Nana stars - for her cute as a button look and perfectly styled outfits

The Feature

Also, I want to mention my feature in This is a fashion and inspiration blog that you should all go check out!

The crew were lovely enough to contact me offering the opportunity to feature on their website and to complete a questionnaire for them. Below is a sneak peek of the post. Check out the rest at! Thanks to the team for including me on the website, I am very flattered and thrilled with the result!
Thanks so much for the love and support everyone! It means the world to me =) xo

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  1. Congrats on the feauture and thanks for stalk my blog,Fact number 2 thats a great story,and congratulations in Fact number 4!!!

  2. first off thanks so much making me part of the 7. and I'm surprise you're chinese..i am too :) and congrats on graduating especially with honors.

  3. Congrats Dear on feature and on graduating.
    I love to read these 7 things about bloggers.
    You made me blush writing so kind words about me and posting my photo. I haven't used to that. Thank You Cat , You are too kind!

    xo Ra

  4. Congrats on the feature! and THANK YOU for choosing my blog!! I am so glad because I love your blog and your style<3

  5. -How cool of a feature and thanks so much for the mention Cat, I will be posting it soon!!!

    -Congrats on graduation and with such distinction :)

    -These are some seriously cool facts. Born on a plane!! I would have been so at a loss if someone started giving birth next to me, haha. That is so cool though. Your background explains how you look so gorgeous but so not in a cookie-cutter way. My great-grandmother was from Hong Kong but that's a ways back and I don't look it at all so no one confuses me as a local anywhere...except maybe if I went to a nordic country where everyone was as pale as snow, haha.

  6. Thanks so much!!!! So sweet of you to include me in this list! I am very flattered!



  7. Congrats on your must be so excited :)



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