Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hindsight is 20/20...

 Playsuit: ASOS   Bag: STEVE By Steve Madden   Shoes: GoJane

I will keep this one short and sweet…
Special thanks again to my voters, commenters and new fans and followers. You guys make me excited to get out of bed every morning and get dressed =)

I don’t spend nearly enough time with my friends these days and that needs to change, since I’ll be leaving the country in three weeks. Love this playsuit, but I bought it online and wish I had known to order a size up as it is pretty snug around the bust (sorry for the excessive cleavage – I will try to keep it classy in the future!) and I’m constantly readjusting. Still love this playsuit though…

I was hoping I would be more regular with my outfit posts but it has rained for about two weeks straight now and by tomorrow, I will have worked 10 days straight. So motivation is just not there... Hopefully this will change soon!!

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  1. Thanks for following, glad you like my blog :D!!!
    And this look is beautiful the tights are so delicate and cute!!!!!! so as the shoes and the romper :D!!!

  2. Beautiful dress (I love the it pattern)and beautiful tights!


  3. i loooove those tights Cat. you look great as always.

  4. Cat you are ridiculously gorgeous! I love the playsuit too and with those tights and the shoes!!! Perfect.

  5. im very sad ,,, and upset of u ,,because allllways u put pots with great great combination of clothes !! i hate you :)))))))))) ( jok jok jok ) :p

    the playsuit it s great ,,, and the color combination it s very nice,,,in general i don t like this color combination, but this one, seems really great and the shoes,,,are are fabulous!!!,,and in few words, great post , like always :X:X::X:X:X:

    see ya soon with another inspiration post like this one :X::X:X

  6. Cat, so damn hot! Love how You styled up all your looks!

    Thank You dear, for so sweet&lovely comment, I so appreciate it!

    xo Ra

  7. Really very cute look honey. Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  8. cute playsuit. Love the print.xx


  9. YOU are such a siren. Wishing you lots of fun and play and time spent with friends. Take you time on the posts....I'm having trouble keeping up with my blog reading anyways, lol. We'll be here when you get a breather and feel like posting.

  10. omgosh gorgeous as always Cat ;). reaally love the playsuit and those tights are loovely! need to fine some :). inspired me once again <3.

    <3, Kathleen.

  11. super cute! like these things too - they are instant outfits. love all the patterned stockings i've been seeing...yours is great with the red shoes too.


  12. amazing tights ! And I looove your shoes <3

  13. You look amazing! I love those tights & that belt. Really cute :)

    Kirstin Marie

  14. very nice :)


  15. I love your outfit...all of them actually.

  16. Fantastic blog- I've just been linked to it and I love finding new inspiration :]]
    This playsuit is gorgeous- I love the bow!!

    Charlotte xxx


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