Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hold The Mayo...

Dress: ASOS   Bag, Scarf: Vintage   Tights: Ebay   Shoes: Thrifted (Pierre Fontaine)

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. Last week was hectic and I’m starting to finally wind down and take it easy. Which also included taking a couple of days off from blogging and outfit posting to just laze in my trackies watching movies =)

I’ve been seeing a lot of mustard and ketchup outfits around recently, so I was inspired to pull together this.
This dress is one of the few things in my wardrobe that I have never gotten sick of. It’s starting to get a bit old and tatty, and doesn't sit quite as well anymore, which is a bit sad! This is the first time I've worn these tights, I absolutely love them! I got another pair in a different colour which I will have to features soon. These shoes were an absolute steal, I found them at a thrift store for $3 and they were brand new and fit me perfectly… it was fate!

Nothing exciting to report, just running errands and doing some sneaky shopping today. My spending has gotten terrible. I think rectifying that will be my first new years resolution!

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  1. Girl this is beautiful, the color of the dress with the red purse works wonderful!!! and cute tights!!!!!

  2. Love the mustard dress with those tights! the color combination is genius!

  3. Those tights are FANTASTIC!!! Love your outfit!


  4. i loveeeeeeeeee the dress!! it's really beautiful!!!! :D

  5. great great great blog. And I love your outfit, what do you think of following each other? xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  6. I love the ochre colour of this dress :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  7. you make me laugh- ketchup and mustard outfits!! you look so great. i love the mix of what you've put together, it's so uniquely you and so good!

  8. mustard <3 one of my fave colours!


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