Friday, December 10, 2010

Summer Chills...

Sweater: Modcloth   Dress, Shoes, Clutch: Sportsgirl   Necklace: H&M

(I didn't realise at the time I was wearing nearly head to toe Sportsgirl… oops)

This is actuallly a look from a few days ago. I've been so busy with work, I've barely had time to eat and sleep, let alone to tend to my blog! I love this sweater because it has the versatility of working in multiple seasons. It’s surprisingly warm in winter and is easy to throw on during the warmer seasons. I’m writing this right now with my french doors wide open because it’s finally actually starting to feel like summer and it’s glorious! I’m finding myself drawn to soft, neutral colours and wearing them head to toe, which I never used to do in the past, but it feels perfect for the balmy days ahead! 

I went out with my girls to get all you can eat sushi and a couple of cocktails last night. I had a fantastic cocktail with lemongrass sugar syrup and lychees in it, but I have no idea what it was called so I won’t get to reproduce it =( It was a fun, relaxed night and the bar that held the event is amazing. I was silly enough not to take photos to show how stunning the interior decoration is.

I'm sooo behind on blogging at the moment, but I have a fair bit of time off next week so I'm looking forward to getting back into it! So sorry I haven't replied to people's messages yet, but I promise I will! Big love <3
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  1. The dress is beautiful! I love the sweater, too. always love your accessories! :)

  2. you're soo gorgeous dear, I love this outfit :) xxx

  3. really love the knit and the colors are so romantic :). always chic! <3

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Great outfit! Knit is amazing!

  5. such a pretty outfit! I wish it was warmer- this reminds me of a summer day!



  6. Lovely outfit! I love that cardigan. So comfy and soft looking. Thanks for the sweet comment! :)

    Kirstin Marie


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